1. You register at, then after yourself register a buyer who makes purchases in the amount of at least 500 €, and you receive 10% of cash in your account.

2. Register at, where you make purchases in the amount of 500 €, and after that you register other buyers who will also make purchases for 500 €, from which we will give you a 10% bonus  plus 0.1% of the total turnover (for example, if bought for 1 million €, then you get 1000 €).

3. Register at, make a purchase for 5000 €, and after you register after yourself other buyers who buy at least 500 €, we will pay you a bonus of 10%, plus 0.5% of the total turnover (for example, if bought for 1 million €, then you get 5000 €).
4. You register at and make purchases for 50,000 €, then for each registered buyer below you who buys at least 500 €, we pay you a 10% bonus plus 1% of the turnover (for example, if the turnover is 1 million €, you get 10,000 €).

5. Register on, you make purchases for 88 888 € and after registering other buyers who buy at least 500 €, we pay you a 10% bonus plus 2% of turnover (for example, you get a bonus of 20 000 € from one million €).

Please note that you do not need to invest money - you just make purchases in the store and receive the goods directly to your address within 3-5 days. Purchase is possible for 500 €, minimum not applicable. For the amount of 499,99 € delivery is not included.

Further, my advice is that you don’t need to go crazy looking for a product for 88 888 €: we offer you a reliable simple option - a gift voucher, and then you can pick up the product you want to buy. After each purchase, the amount for the goods you have selected is automatically deducted. You can cash your check indefinitely as soon as you find the right product.

In the literal sense, I want to say that you didn’t invest any amount of risk, but simply made a purchase, but in accordance with the plan you have chosen, you will receive a lifetime income on your account.

Please note that the store is not Chinese or American - it is a trusted European store and is located in the European Union.

Ask, what does “from turnover” mean? We will not count money from profit, but money spent by you and your customers on goods, so you don’t have to worry about mistake or craving for possible unreasonable expenses.

If you have any questions, please write to us at or and be sure to include your phone number so that we can call and answer any of your important questions.